Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Naughty Goats!

Although I love them goats have a tendency towards being mischievous.

Sometimes they are good for weeks and then all of the sudden they seem to pull stunt after stunt.

This morning those two knot heads were VERY naughty!

Our public school experiment is almost done. We put our children in public school this semester. Up to this point we had been homeschooling. Just a few more days and our early mornings can be ours again.

The goats always want to be naughty on time short mornings. Coraline is the usual leader in all areas except naughtiness. ElliMae is clearly in charge of that department.

We rushed out the door to be greeted by two goats gleefully jumping around the front yard. Our chickens were happily wandering around the north side of the property. They love to be out but that was not my plan this morning. The goats had "let" them out. Goats do not have the ability to open chicken coops in the traditional way but they do have the ability to stomp holes in chicken wire runs when they are really set on getting some of the scratch in their bellies. I wonder if the full moon is winding them up?

So after tethering the goats we hurriedly left to get everyone to school on time.

Guess what I came home to only 10 minutes later?

A dog standing in my driveway.

Not my dog but someone else's dog. And he looked like he was up to no good.

Although we are in a very small town we still have leash laws. I obey them but not very many other people do. It's a common practice for people to let their dogs out for a run in the early morning hours. The dogs never stay on their own property. And what do some dogs REALLY enjoy? Killing chickens and attacking goats. We've had both happen and although I love dogs a whole bunch I don't love them enough to let them kill my laying hens or injure my naughty goats.

I got out of the car and chased him off. He knew I was on to him.

I came around to the north side to find the goats completely tangled up and after checking to make sure they wouldn't hurt each other I left them there and made them wait awhile for me to finish fixing the damage. I put their feed in their pen and then made them wait a little while longer. EllieMae was still a bit defiant and came back out immediately but after I shoved her back in she got the message. Coraline was just happy to get to her feed and stayed in willingly.

It took me the better part of an hour to get things back in order. It's time for a better fence.

Today they're on the naughty list.

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